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Fuel Types

All of our ovens are compatible with each of our different fuel types.

Wood Fire 


Gas BUrner

Tuscany Fire has introduced a gas burner, a new working instrument that allows you to increase productivity & reduce running costs. The gas burner can work alongside the wood combustion, or substitute it completely


Burner: Placed inside the cooking chamber, it produces the flame. Made of material that is resistant to heat oxidation, and sudden temperature changes.

Control Pantel: Situated under the oven, contains all parts that render safe combustion.

Electric Switchboard: Allows you to control temperature and turn on/off.


Practical: One switch turns the oven on and sets the desired temperature.

Clean: The chimney will always be clean, and soot at the chimney opening is practically nonexistent.

Economical: The gas oven consumes only 1.5 cubic meters of methane gas per hour.

Optimal Cooking: The cooking will be uniform and similar to cooking with wood.

Safe: It has been tested by authoritative boards for approval.