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Who We Are

Tuscany Fire is the exclusive, authorized North American distributor for Di Fiore Wood Fired Ovens, the premiere manufacturer and innovator of the terra cotta oven. Tuscany Fire has sold thousands of ovens for both commercial and residential applications. With clients ranging from celebrity chefs to home chefs, our ovens grace home hearths, fire trucks and acclaimed restaurants from Napa to New Orleans, from Puerto Rico to our home base in New Haven, CT. We will work with you to find a setup that meets your unique needs and specifications. You will love what we can do for you! 


Our Space

Located in New Haven, CT, the pizza capital of America, our space is crafted to make your event special. With an event hall, espresso bar, and full Tuscan kitchen, the Tuscany Fire experience will come to life before your eyes.

View our schedule to attend one of our upcoming paint nights or cooking classes, or get in touch to book our space for an event of your own.


The Wood Fired Difference

There is nothing better than the delicious aroma and taste of a freshly baked pizza, but that flat thing covered in gluey cheese and synthetic sauce you pulled out from the supermarket freezer doesn't count! Connoisseurs agree that only pizzas cooked over a wood-burning fire are true pizzas. The smell and flavor imparted by the smoking wood is as essential as the tomatoes, cheese and basil.

Pizza is also just the beginning of your journey with a wood-fired oven. From steak, to fire-roasted vegetables, to fresh-baked bread, your imagination is truly the limit of the world of flavor a Tuscany Fire oven can open for you.




New Haven Pizza

True pizza connoisseurs know that New Haven, Connecticut is the undisputed pizza capital of America. With international recognition from such varied sources as The Guardian and David Chang's acclaimed documentary Ugly Delicious, New Haven boasts a unique style rooted strongly in Neapolitan tradition. We are proud to not only call New Haven our home, but to supply ovens to many iconic New Haven "Apizzas."




99-107 Shelton Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511 


(203) 777-1043